Wrong Timing

by Noisycrane

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    Written and recorded by Noisycrane.

    Recorded in Brooklyn, NY, Jan - June, 2011
    Engineered by Chris Barrey

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released June 3, 2011

Songs by Cody Swanson, Chris Barrey, Jane Park, Elizabeth Arce, and Adam Jessup.

Recorded in Brooklyn, NY, Jan - May, 2011
Engineered by Chris Barrey




Noisycrane Brooklyn, New York

Noisycrane is the musical project of Cody Swanson.

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Track Name: Wrong Timing
symptoms of last year's winter slippery slopes with poignant splinters but once i heard your voice come screaming through those painted words my mind went dark and went away into the softest room i've never held someone quite like you in my arms or falling straight through it seems like we aren't ever meant to sit and talk with ease our skin will miss and grow out with each kiss and passing breeze if i loved you more i wouldn't die from stories that we share you'll always be the one i love but not the one who's there i won't be around forever your weight your love your endless tether but for now the yellow light takes chances dancing on my arm it's hard to see how letting this grow wild could do more harm
Track Name: Down This Here
down this here time we make will never break and i'm sincere this is what it takes to be in this place one heart attack away from grace and i won't lie it's never been about this now i try to breathe and see these shapes we're in and fall asleep inside another liar's den and in these errs we walk inside these walls we'll never talk and you can't say anything for me anyway well i'll try anyway i'll try anyway i'll try to find these walls and make them talk to me oh i'll try anyway anyway i will try i will try anyway to find these walls and make them talk
Track Name: In My Heart
and i could write a thousand pages of how you made me hold my heart against the wind and rain the heavy weighted pain the singing loss with no gain but it's no game so who was it who got me in this endless loop i guess it was i who cannot tell the truth from the things i want though it's easy you are not and only i felt the spark in the dark you suppose that i'll call and i probably will it's as easy as that, just one touch and you're ill well it's something to know it's just simple prose with a glacial tear but who cares where it goes and i used to think that in me it hurt but in you it was just a minor curse but i'm starting to believe the differences in how we grieve how hard it is to be in-between
Track Name: Sleepy Walls
oh you will come sleepy if you come at all the shaking is magic and bleeds through the walls and into the words that you whisper at night the walls fall down the walls fall oh you have got voices alive in your head they speak through your movements and cheeks filled with red and oh how is it that your heart's just like mine the language is rough but the beating's in time beautiful movements make densely packed vines be careful to breath as they crawl down your spine i can't take my eyes from the pit of your heart this was our art we did our part
Track Name: (the end of) To Be
Track Name: The Dirt in Your Teeth
and the days open up whisking away your gruff into the night when the feathers float on down and the dirt in your teeth where you were bitten by me it will be clean as the moon gleams and smoke 'em all smoke a pack away into another day another tired way and pray for love pray for life and twist on down into the crown of darkened nights where you lies explode all you do is moan all you do is moan and out into the light of the darkest beginnings the twisting cities the never-ending endings of love and of life that keep changing around you from one to another these things they confound you and burn your mind make you cold and blind make you twist around and bury yourself deep in the ground and it worries you that you will not escape but one day i'm sure that you will it's written in your face
Track Name: 50s Song
we are just friends now lying under the covers what we do for each other no one needs to know just like a train that's headed for a cliff must be derailed if anyone's to be saved and i really have tried to fill my heart with smoke opaque so it's hard to see how different we can be sometimes it doesn't work and it's really hard i try and try but there you are standing around in a new crowd-cloud and if i tried to talk i'd have to scream real loud so let's hang around your house and watch ancient movies pretend like you know me and want to make-out it'll seem just like before before i was a bore if others come over i better look out cus it's not hard to notice dynamics changing your attentions waning i'm a shadow in the clouds i better get used to how things are now i have no reason to fight cus i don't love you anyhow
Track Name: I Love You But I
i love you but i cannot touch you anymore under the covers your body's a stranger to my hands and i think only of the others but when the warm july melts the cold goodbye i cry for when we were happy when we're alone in the softness of home you only whisper soft sweet lies tonight i am and i tried to find a hole in your head but i just made you bleed instead not until you were drained of red did i realize that we were dead
Track Name: That's When I Realized I'm in Love
waited for you at the corner the street that's the place we said we'd meet sat there lookin' at my feet and then you kissed me and it tasted so sweet well that's when i realized i'm in love we went into the corner shop the pay-cop said that we should stop but we ran until we felt our feet cus the sound of sirens never tasted so sweet well that's when i realized i’m in love the sound of lights and the city tonight i wanna run wanna split my side i wanna run through the city tonight in love the night was dark but we lit a spark and it floated around the park you said that you loved me so well i said i'd never let you go but that was 21 in love
Track Name: Well
there was a moment brief like blowing wind in me where i saw us begin and circle paths we'd walk in the fading summer night and you'd i'd kiss and the loss and gain each day of night a love so simple and eyes deep wells to draw i thought i had you i thought i had it all figured out the moment passed and it all fell out well there's no telling why my heart so weak could get inside your skin for a peek and now there's a shiver that crawls into my arms at the passing feelings of your charms a love so simple you simply withdrew i thought i had you i thought i knew what you were about but it all fell out
Track Name: Sometimes The Circle
your eyes are fine but it is your mind that's closed and far i tried to find something to hold but you have nothing to hold your ears are good but it is my words that are always misunderstood your heart is large but it is your guard that's too heavy to budge my head is clear after nearly a year somehow the circle brings us here